During my time as one of Den Haag escorts I’ll admit that I’ve had sex in some fairly unusual places. Of course, the majority of my clients prefer to keep our intimate encounters to the bedroom – either mine or, more often than not, a hotel room. However, I’ve also ended up having sex in some more unusual, and exciting, places such as:

The office

One of my regular clients called to say that he was going to be held up in a meeting and would probably have to miss our date. However, with a bit of juggling, we altered our plans and I met him at his office after hours instead. It made an exciting change to our usual routine and having sex across his desk left him with lasting memories and a instant desire for more.

The back yard

Another of my clients always invites me to his place for our meetings. Well he is single and has nothing to hide. He just prefers to meet an escort rather than to cultivate a permanent relationship at this point in his life. Anyway, his backyard is not the run of the mill backyard, it’s one of those designer spaces complete with a deck, fairy lights, comfortable patio furniture and a hot tub. Needless to say, we often take our passion outdoors under the stars.

The stairs

This was probably one of the most unusual places I’ve had a sexual encounter. Definitely not the most comfortable of places, but it was one of those times when we just couldn’t wait another moment before getting down and dirty. The fact that they were communal stairs all added to the excitement and it was over very quickly, but the memory lingers even to this day.
Where’s the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?