Here are the revelatory tips!

Find out what she wants in bed

There are two types of women personalities: the innocent and good girl who waits her knight in shining armor, always ashamed of intimate questions, and there’s the really great category of chicks that love to exploit all the insides of a rocking whoopee sex. But for all women, sex is always divided in just sex, and that fucking and rocking sex. If a man asked a woman about her bed likes, she wouldn’t be open up as with her friends.

Do you want to know what your girlfriend wants in bed? Listen to her best friends. You’ll find what turns her on, what dirty things she likes to hear while having sex, and what sex positions help her squirm of pleasure. Listen up carefully, steal these secrets, and you’ll have the best sex act ever.

Here are some revelatory tips on how you could add the salt and pepper on a spontaneous sexual impulse or during a premeditated sexual intercourse:

Women love kinky sexual positions, even if they seem ashamed. Doggy style is one of the most inciting sexual positions. Most women admit that they love when their partners slap their horny asses, wildly penetrate them, talk dirty or pull their hair.
Do you want to surprise her after a long and hard-working day? Sex against a wall is the perfect refreshing present or you might try doing her an erotic massage. Grab her, push her against a wall or against the kitchen sink and start rocking her world. You’ll have a very satisfied woman by your side that loves giving you everything you ask from her.

Dominance in bed is something your girl will never refuse. She loves to take the reins of the action and have the control over the night. What she loves the most is the sensation of having the man powerless beneath her, helpless in front of her sexual burst and pleading for release.

Quickies are very much adored by both partners because they imply spontaneity and short, but highly intense fun. Take the following scenario: you’re about to attend a fancy party and suddenly the adrenaline pumps up when you see the super sexy negligee wrapping her thighs, accentuating the perfect roundness of her naughty ass. Listen to your little friend who asks for its rights, and offer your lady a hot and intense quickie that will work amazingly for both of you.
Public sex is another thing women love, but they don’t admit it on the spot. So, when the urge of having sex catches you, don’t think twice and get to action. It’s so exciting and intense to know that you could be caught up by someone while you and your partner are doing nasty things in the bathroom of a club, in the park, or on the back seat of your car. The feeling is so intense and the reward is so sweet, that you could forget about other people for a while and enjoy the pleasure of having your girl right there and right that moment.

Have you read carefully the tips above? If so, make sure that next time the hormones hit you, you’ll finish the job in glory. Your girl will be like an open book for all those things you are thinking, but you are afraid to share with her because of the nothingness you know about her likes and dislikes in the bedroom.