Why are escorts the perfect mistresses?

Sex, love, fantasy

That’s about almost everything you’ll find inside the brain of any man. The great difference between men and women is that the formers aren’t afraid of displaying their feelings and acting how their gut says. At work, in social groups, with their friends, in bed, all men have the same freedom in expressing what they want. Sure, if you ask a man that is married about his opinion on escorts, he will throw you a long gaze, and he will definitely refuse to give an answer. But we know what they are thinking, aren’t we?escorts in denhaag

Even women cheat, but they will never admit this, not even to their friends. Men, instead, love to show off their preys. If you asked a man why he considers escorts as perfect mistresses, you would have hundreds of answers. Here’s a short list of reasons why these sexual pleasure providers are the perfect mistresses:

They don’t care what your real name is, or where you live.

Dating an escort is not like dating the hot babe you’ve met while hanging out in a club after a smashing hangover. These professional ladies accompany you as long as you have a previous talk and you set the rules and payment. You book her services for fun, or just because you need a companion, and you won’t be assaulted by questions like “Where do you live?” “What’s your real name?” etc. She will get her money, and you’ll enjoy the presence of a gorgeous lady that keeps the distance from your very personal information.

The secret stays between your lips

You’ll never see an escort hunting you and following you wherever you go. Your relationship is based strictly on sex, and that happens only once, or each time you need a bumpy ride. Discretion is the first rule of this whole escorting stuff. You don’t have to worry that you might be sought by your mistress, and your wife would find out. As long as the secret stays between your lips, no one will ever become suspicious.

They’re open-minded and willing to satisfy you, no matter the fantasy you have.
The secret in becoming an escort is to have a wide-open thinking. Men have the kinkiest minds, and an escort has to know how to behave when the sexual fantasies of her partner burst out. That’s why a man will never hear an escort complaining about headaches, lack of good mood, or anything else. Do you want sex right here and right now? En escort will always know how to please you. Plus, there are those fantasies you had since you’ve married, and your wife is pretty much in defense. For these, too, escorts are the perfect mistresses.

Do you have a fetish? Do you like all sorts of sexual games and your life partner doesn’t agree with your desires? With a professional escort you’ll have the chance to be her slave, enslave her, and live the hottest and kinkiest SM experiences. Whips, latex costumes, sexual toys, lube, everything you wished to try are possible and done discreetly.
Guys, if you are planning to cheat your life partner, don’t do it by hanging out and hook up with a girl that might seek you and create troubles. Escorts are the perfect mistresses: discreet, no strings attached, and open up to your dirty mind.