Five golden rules you need to follow if you want to get laid

Guys, we all know that there hasn’t been discovered yet the mechanism that stands behind women’s thinking. If you try to understand them, you manage to see things clear up to a certain point. From here on, blurry waters!

The craziest attempts manhood had were those of trying to find out the secret of getting a woman in their sheets in less than a date. SO WRONG, guys! Women have wicked minds; they play you on their fingers, and they enjoy each and every attempt of yours in trying to dip into their pants. But if you are not a knight of the lost cause, you may want to sip the knowledge sweated in the next lines.

There are five golden rules any man should know about when a baby doll arises.

how to get laid

  • Study the ground and wait.

Although it might seem pretty much with a lurking session you see on Discovery, this is the most important step in knowing your opponent. Take few days, follow the patterns of your possible date, try to see where she’s spending most of her time, the social circle she spins around, and so on. Once you get all that information, wait the fortunate moment when your sights meet. You’ll definitely know how to approach her, and obviously without the countryman’s remark “Are we fine, babe?”


  • Don’t push the stings too hard.

The least desire of a woman is to see a man insisting when there’s nothing to insist on. Leave aside the cocky attitude and step back if you see a palm in front of your face. Sometimes, defense is the strongest weapon.


  • Make her sincere compliments.

At this chapter, men are often caught on the wrong foot. If your only interest is to get laid as soon as possible, you’ll probably find a poor downhearted who is happy to cheer herself up. For an intelligent woman, you need brains to knock her down. Briefly, don’t say to her she is your queen, the dearest of them all. If you don’t consider her like that, you’d better try another approach. Ask her about her likes and dislikes; make her want to offer you her trust.


  • Agree with her rules.

If a woman says no, that seems pretty much with a no. Don’t try to convince her that the earth is flat, when she knows that it is round. Be a nice guy, and you will get to the fifth step, and the most important.


  • Be the stud she wants in bed.

You’ve mumbled a lot about how great you are and how lucky she is to have you as company. The real test is the bedroom. Any woman wants to see the roaring beast unleashing under the sheets. If you really want that woman, make sure you do a fantastic job down there. She will definitely call you back to repeat that stunt.
Five golden rules; five simple and easy to follow directions that will help you getting laid; it’s simple, and it doesn’t even hurt!