Why men prefer escorts?

Is it taboo or a handy solution for mating?

Right from the start, we should mention one thing: asking ANY man about escorts and escort services is like asking a fish to climb a tree. They will throw you a long staring gaze followed by a tomb-like silence. Is it that bad to admit that you are using some of the most modern and usual forms of entertainment and couple matching? As with women, men take this topic as taboo, and refuse to give a precise response to questions like did they use escort services, or why do they prefer escorts instead of going out and trying to find a mate? Guys, it is not horrible to admit that you are frequently booking the services of gorgeous payable ladies who are willing to accompany you in different occasions, or just for sexual purposes.
There are reasons for which men often resort to this kind of services, and here they are:

  • Who has time for hanging out?

Ladies, we don’t have to judge men who book escort companions. Think about that particular group of manhood representatives that lack time. All those lawyers, businessmen, judges, scientists, and so on; they all lack the beauty and time for hanging out and hook up. And what’s the best method of chilling out your horny impulses and get your relaxation? Why not by getting an escort? You can search and choose your date partner according to your preferences. Do you like blue eyes, blonde hair, and a perfect why men prefer escortsathletic body? You can have all these, by paying, of course!

  • “I’m not sufficiently self-confident to go out and start flirting.”

That’s a statement many guys stick inside their brains when they decide to get an escort girl. In many instances, this situation is real, and everything happens because of men’s incapacity of closing a date. Some of them fall in the trap of physical appearance, others are super hot guys, but they lack that je ne sais quoi women seek. For both categories, there are the ladies that are willing to share their emotions and physical qualities, and everyone ends up with a win-win situation.

  • Isn’t always a roll in the hay

Choosing an escort as companion for a date isn’t always seen by men as a chance of just rolling in the hay. Many gentlemen choose such services for the mere desire of having someone by his side when he is attending different social festivities. The great thing is that the other invitees don’t even know the fact that he is accompanied by a paid lady.

  • “I find there what I don’t receive at home.”

This is maybe the commonest defense and excuse men use when they justify their escort escapades. To be honest, they have their right! Isn’t it that you have thought at least once to put into practice all your dirty fantasies and your girl refused you? Imagine yourself a hot night adorned with slaps, dirty words, and different kinds of unspoken fantasies. If your chick refuses you, you’ll find understanding and opening in the arms and between the thighs of these fantastic escorts.